I'm a qualified Personal Performance Coach covering life coaching, career coaching, and Agile coaching.  I am based in Surrey and am happy to coach face-to-face or virtually using Skype, Webex, Google Meet or any other form of virtual meet, whatever suits you.


During a career of over 20 years in corporate business and through being a working Mum, I have had the opportunity to coach people in various areas of their life and see the benefits of coaching. I work to help people achieve their goals and release untapped potential in their work and personal lives.


I have managed, consulted, trained and mentored individuals and teams over the past 15 years which have all been rewarding in their own way and choosing now just to coach people enables me to focus and help people transform their lives, achieve their goals or simply do something they never thought they could.  I will work with you using different techniques...there is no such thing as a simple 10-step plan where one technique works for everyone!

My style is to keep things simple, fun and focused, ensure we are clear on what you want to get out of the sessions whilst remembering that this journey is all about you.



"Nicola has helped me immensely and without her, I would never have broached the promotion subject but she gave me insight and has a genuine desire to help. She used a variety of methods to support, encourage, enable, guide and shape my attitude. Nicola has touched on all aspects of my life with my well-being and success being paramount. Thank you Nicola for opening my eyes to what I can do!!" (Client 1)

"Great experience and carried out in a professional way which allowed me to be open and honest and I believe this is how Nicola is able to provide excellent coaching support.  Often people think they can coach - by asking a few questions but no commitment, or depth of knowledge to make it effective.  Having the regular sessions with Nicola has been a great experience for me.  It's about having the ownership of dealing with the challenges/issues and having skills for me to always see the options." (Client 2)

"Nicola has helped me identify ways of making progress.  She helped me identify how to set targets in my development...Overall Nicola created a very comfortable environment where I felt freely open to talk.  I had previously never thought of pursuing this type of coaching but I feel that having spent time with Nicola it has allowed me to see the benefits in changing the way you approach development either at a personal or professional level." (Client 3)

"Working with Nicola helped me to focus on my overall goal by breaking it down into basic steps and identifying short term milestones to achieve this.  Every session with Nicola brings me a step closer to achieving my overall goal.  The sessions helped me understand how I can overcome blockers and the steps I can take to help me achieve it.  My overall goal was to get promoted...I have stepped out of my comfort zone to take leading roles in my team...I am at the stage where my Manager has put me forward for promotion.  I have received very positive feedback from my colleagues which I believe is related to the work I have done with Nicola." (Client 4)